The Territory

“The Mediterranean garden” was called the Val di Noto under the Arab domination; for the fertility of the soil, for the expanses of citrus, for the fresh and pure sources of fresh water and for the wonderful sun that radiates heat in the summer months and warmth in winter.

Even today, as then, the pedoclimatic conditions favor the production in the open field of our organic, biodynamic and vegan tomatoes.

The Mediterranean garden
The Mediterranean garden - Noto Valley
Agriblea - The production of ciappa, an peasant tradition

Agriblea – Sun dried tomatoes

Agriblea founded in 1998, today is a leader in the production and sale of the “Ciappa” or means organic tomatoes dried in the sun.

The production respects the ancient rural tradition, and this is why our tomatoes are as good and genuine as those made by our grandmothers.

Production – The cultivation of the Tomatoes

Tomato production takes place in an open field.

The respect for the times and the ways of the nature, good agricultural practices combined with an innovative micro-irrigation technique and the precepts of quantum agriculture favor an healthy and luxuriant growth of tomato seedlings.

The crops are exclusively organic.

Processing of dried tomatoes

Compliance with the strict standards imposed by the  IFS Food certification and the careful internal self-control procedures, as per the HACCP manual, allow to obtain a finished product of great excellence.

The processing process takes place in different phases: the arrival of the fresh product from the fields, brushing and spraying of the tomatoes with water, falling into the washing tank, cutting, salting and drying in the sun.

The sun drying of the tomatoes
“The hill red dressed”

“And as if by magic, every year from June to August, the hill” ri timpunedda “becomes bright red: they are the tomatoes of Gino Agosta that lying to dry in the sun.”

The sun drying of the tomatoes
The hill red dressed - sun dried tomato
The selection of the Ciappa - sun dried tomatoes

The selection of the “Ciappa”

Once dried, the sun dried tomatoes are selected manually, one by one, by the expert hands of our collaborators.
The selection is careful, laborious and scrupulous.

Once this phase is over, the product is stored in cold storage and then packaged at the request of our customers.