Agriblea Certifications

Certifications issued to Agriblea farm.

Certifications related to the quality of  the sun dried tomatoes.

Organic Farming - Certification Agriblea

Organic Certification QC

Our first certification was organic.
We believed in it from the beginning. Today we speak with a frenzy of organic, eco-sustainable, quality agriculture. These Agriblea languages speak to them since 2001.
And every year it is projected to experiment with new methods and crops that allow full respect for the land; respect that allows you to produce good and genuine products.
The certainties of the future are often the result of our current curiosity, of opening our mind today to new opportunities. Our company philosophy, or “mission” as they like to call the English speakers, is very simple: “Excellence is nothing but continually improving the simple activities that, day after day, are normally performed”.
And as our grandparents used to say: and from the simple recipes that great ideas are born.
From the respect for the past comes the wealth of the future.


Biosuisse - certiticate Agriblea

Approved by: BIO Suisse

Switzerland can be defined as the true pioneer of organic farming.
The first directives for cultivation were issued in 1981 by the Swiss Association of Organizations for Organic Agriculture, today Bio Suisse.
At the same time, the Gemma registered trademark was created for controlled organic farming products.
Agriblea is proud to be certified also Bio Suisse.


IFS Global Markets Food

The IFS Global Markets – Food is a standardized food safety assessment program for private label food products and branded food products that are based on the GFSI Global Markets checklist. The program aims to support “small and / or medium-sized enterprises” in the implementation of its food safety system by taking the first step towards the implementation of IFS Food.


Globalgap (Euregap) GR IFA 4.0 – Grasp

Agriblea has decided to certify itself as Global GAP because from the very beginning in our company, as far as the productive sector is concerned, good agricultural practices have been used and improved (G.A.P. Good Agricultural Practice).
The GLOBAL G.A.P product certification constitutes for us an instrument of competitive advantage, especially in Business to Business relationships.
But above all we care about respect for the environment, the land, water sources, respect for the animals that live around our fields, the health and safety of our workers, their working conditions, respect for their rights.


grasp - agriblea


GRASP module for the assessment of social risk


haccp - Agriblea


With the acronym H.A.C.C.P. means the analysis of risks and critical control points; it is a method of hygienic self-control aimed at protecting the health of the consumer and increasing the quality of the products.
Agriblea undertakes to keep the self-control manual developed according to the H.A.C.C.P.
To verify that the activity conforms to the standards set forth in the Manual procedures
To activate all preventive actions necessary for the elimination of health and hygiene risks
To provide personnel with adequate training on food safety and proper management of activities.
To monitor company processes in order to prevent risks to safety and ensure traceability of the entire supply chain.


Product 100% Made in Sicily

When we talk about Giorgio Agosta and his Agriblea Company, we are talking about a niche product, of sun-dried tomatoes.
Today, dried tomatoes are produced in many parts of the world, and we know that well.
We differentiate ourselves immediately from other competitors, we produce and sell a typical Sicilian product, which as such, does not fear the competition of similar products on the market.
The Agriblea Company produces a traditional agri-food product recognized by the Sicilian Region “Ciappa ri pummaroru”. That is organic tomatoes dried in the sun of Sicily.
And every year, in the Timponelli district, just a stone’s throw from Ispica (RG) from May to August, the miracle is always repeated and the hill “ri timpunedda” is bright red: the tomatoes of Giorgio Agosta in the sun of Sicily.