100% Organic sun-dried tomatoes "Ciappa" - Made in Sicily

 “Ciappa” – The Sun of Sicily at your home!

Sun dried tomatoes, only dried at the sun of Sicily as the tradition require.

Agriblea firm is situated in the so-called Val di Noto, only 2 kilometers far away from Ispica, the ancient Hyspicaefundus, on a lightly sloping hill, about 150 meters above the sea level. Cities like Noto, Pachino, Modica and Scicli are about 15 minutes away, as well as the sea (8 kilometers only).

The region has been recognized cultural heritage by UNESCO since it is very rich in archaeological, liberty and baroque witnesses.

Agriblea firm was born thanks to the love for the country and the stubbornness belonged by its owner, Giorgio Agosta, whom everybody knows simply as Gino.

Certificazioni dell'azienda Agriblea - pomodori secchi bio

A Natural delight!

A delicious Sicilian organic sun-dried tomato, packed in a fine, elegant and totally compostable bag. When the Sicilian culinary creativity meets the modern technology a new cleaner and tastier world is born. Our work is guided by the respect for our children’s future, the nature, the love of the universe, the passion for good food.

Ciappa prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale

Organic Sun dried Tomatoes
– Typical Sicilian Product –

Agriblea is proud to produce the “Ciappa” a traditional agroindustrial product  which has been officially recognized by the Sicilian Government, since 2003, by means of a regional decree published on the Ordinary Supplement n° 141 enclosed to the Official Gazette n° 200 dated 29/08/2003:
the “Ciappa ri pummaroru” (sun dried tomatoes), that is to say a sun dried half oval or round or cherry tomato.

Typical Sicilian Product

Ciappa - typical sicilian product


Only dried at the Sun


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Recipes with "Ciappa" - Organic Sun dried Tomatoes

How to season the sun dried tomatoes?
The “Ciappa ri pummaroru” or dried tomatoes are seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and aromas to taste, according to personal tastes: oregano, garlic, chilli.

How to eat dried tomatoes?
A simple recipe for eating dried tomatoes:
1 – Cut a warm bread in half,
2 – Season with extra virgin olive oil, oregano (and / or flavorings according to personal taste) and add the dried tomatoes.
Enjoy your meal! 

Recipes with Sun dried tomatoes
Recipes with the 100% Organic Sun dried tomatoes cooked in many different and original ways.
Recipes created by the Chefs and Food bloggers who collaborate with Agriblea.

Recipes with Ciappa - Organic Sun dried Tomatoes